CIQS SYLLABUS Building # Program
A202 - Measurement of Construction Work II CON5103 Commercial Estimating
C106 - Economics I
C206 – Economics II
ECO7200 Economics
C203 - Construction Cost Accounting CON5110 Construction Job Cost Accounting
C204 - Construction Contracts CON5104 Construction Contracts and Documents
C307 - Construction Scheduling CON0005 Construction Planning and Schedule
A303 - Pricing and Bidding Procedures CON5107 Bid Procedure: Simulated Construction Tender Close
C304 - Contract Administration CON5106
Project Administration Construction Contracts and Documents
C308 - Cost Planning CON5111 Construction Budgeting
NOTE: Where two Algonquin College courses are shown, both must be completed prior to receiving credit for CIQS course.