CIQS — Prairies and Northwest Territories   March 6, 2018

March 2018 Cost Connections

Executive Update
Message from the President
With 2018 well underway, a number of activities designed to keep our association strong and vital to our members and to Canada’s construction industry are in progress.
The CIQS National meeting, held January 26 and 27 in Toronto, offered insights and updates in a number of key areas with the lion’s share of discussion related to the proposed restructuring of our association.
Basically, the restructuring would return CIQS to an association of individual members rather than continuing the model of the past few years when CIQS has been governed as an association of associations. CIQS summarizes the restructuring as impacting two key areas. First, it would give designation holders direct accountability through new legal rights as corporate members. This would allow them to directly elect and remove the National Council and approve fundamental corporate changes. Second, the restructuring would simplify the administration of national and local activities, reducing costs and freeing up resources.
CIQS sent all members a survey some time ago requesting detailed input. Results were correlated, showing overall member support for the restructuring. CIQS shared those results with all members.
Each CIQS affiliate now must arrange a special meeting within the next few months to give members an opportunity to vote on whether they support the restructuring. To ensure members have all the information they need before they vote, National is arranging an information session for each affiliate, administered by the re-structuring committee and legal advisors. Each affiliate will find suitable locations. We are working on finding facilities in Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg for members to attend and participate. If you are unable to attend, we will be working on an option for you to join us remotely from your desktop or phone. You can expect to hear details of these information sessions once they are arranged.
In fact, CIQS has advised the following details for the Calgary and Edmonton meetings, both to be held Tuesday, March 13 from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.:
 •  Calgary – SAIT, Room AA128
 •  Edmonton – NAIT, Room H003
Date, time and location for the Winnipeg information session will be announced soon.
Our Prairies & NWT affiliate is currently reviewing the best process to put the vote forward to our members. We will likely arrange for the vote immediately following our AGM – Friday, May 4 – in Calgary. Please mark your calendars for the date. We will send out more details as they are finalized.
After the results of our vote are tallied, I will take our decision – Yes or No – to National, as will all other affiliates, for the final vote on the matter.
In other news from National, efforts are moving forward to engage a professional lobbying firm to offer advice and guidance to CIQS to help us develop an appropriate advocacy plan targeting all levels of government. National is also producing new marketing materials to help affiliates implement their advocacy plans.
Finally, planning is well underway for the National Congress, to be held this year in Halifax on July 20 & 21. You can’t beat attendance at this annual event for direct contact with Canada’s construction leaders, cost consulting colleagues from across the country and policy makers from all levels of government.
News from our affiliate is also very positive. Over the past couple of years, we have worked hard to re-engage members through local events. We’re making a concerted effort to better engage members and give them better and more opportunities to network with their colleagues and participate in meaningful continuing professional development.
We are also continuing our advocacy and outreach program, targeting groups including major developers, and provincial and municipal governments. We have seen some real benefits arising from this work.
Your board believes our events and advocacy work are hitting the mark. Do you agree? If you have feedback on events or any other CIQS issue, I can help. Email me anytime, and I commit to getting back to you as quickly as my schedule allows.
Michael Gabert
Membership Update
CIQS Prairies & NWT AGM date set
Save the date! — The 2018 CIQS Prairies & NWT AGM – which likely will include the vote regarding the restructuring of CIQS – takes place Friday, May 4 in Calgary. Stay tuned for details of times and location.
Time to pay up!
Membership fees and policies for the April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019 membership year have been reviewed and approved. Invoices will be sent electronically to all designation holders starting February 16, 2018. Please note the changes to membership fee policies and deadlines on your invoice and other membership renewal communications.
Our great events – photo collages
Events within our affiliate are commanding attention and interest! Huge kudos to the organizers in Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. To those of you who attended and participated in these sessions, let us know how we’re doing, and what other CPD sessions you would enjoy.
Speaking of enjoying, here are a few photos from selected recent events.
Going for Gold Workshop, Oct. 19 – Calgary
Going for Gold Workshop, Oct. 19 – Calgary
Edmonton International Airport Presentation/Tour, November 9 – Edmonton
Our great events photo collages
SAIT Industry Night, November 16 – Calgary
SAIT Industry Night, November 16 – Calgary
SAIT Industry Night, November 16 – Calgary
CIQS Document Management Dinner Seminar, January 25 – Calgary
CIQS Document Management Dinner Seminar, January 25 – Calgary
Design and Construction Trends Analysis Committee, January 25 – Calgary
Design and Construction Trends Analysis Committee, January 25 – Calgary
CIQS/RICS 4th Annual Construction & PM Seminar, March 1 – Calgary
CIQS/RICS 4th Annual Construction & PM Seminar, March 1 - Calgary
CIQS Updates
CIQS membership numbers grow
As of December 31, 2017, overall membership in CIQS (excluding students) increased by 3.7% over the 2016 figure. As well, there was a 4% increase in the number of PQS designations, and a 6% increase in the CEC category.
Revised CIQS Code of Ethics
The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and Competency of the CIQS National Standards has been revised and approved by the Board. Check out the revised code on the CIQS website home page where it will soon be posted.
Future CIQS Congresses
Want an excuse to visit la belle province? Here you go! CIQS Quebec will host the 2019 Congress. Details – including the host city – will be announced as they are confirmed.
Electrical exams: under revision
Heads up! Two CIQS electrical exams are under revision. Check out the details on the CIQS website if you are considering taking electrical course exams as part of your designation program.
Industry Update
Provincial government’s apprenticeship requirements
New legislation in February is making life rosier for apprentices in 11 construction trades. They will soon be guaranteed hands-on training on all public infrastructure projects worth more than $15 million or those expected to take more than two years to complete to train apprentices on site.
A minimum of one apprentice position is also required for each applicable sub-contract valued at $500,000 or greater.
Apprentices in trades including carpentry, crane and hoisting equipment operations, electrical, elevator construction, gas-fitting, heavy equipment technicians, ironworkers, plumbing, refrigeration and air-conditioning mechanics, sheet metal and welding will benefit from the change.
The provincial government will now require proponents bidding on Alberta Infrastructure and Alberta Transportation projects to submit an apprenticeship plan that details how they intend to use apprentices.
Questions about Alberta Infrastructure procurements can be directed to
New industrial energy efficiency rebates announced
According to the Government of Alberta website, industrial businesses, including small-to-medium-sized oil and gas industries, are now eligible to receive rebates for switching to energy-efficient products.
The program helps organizations reduce their energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by replacing outdated and inefficient equipment with new energy-efficient technologies. Many industrial facilities’ final emitters qualify for the program.
New energy-efficiency products for small to medium industrial facilities:
Pump-off controllers for pump jacks
Variable frequency drives for combustion air fans
Steam trap survey and retrofit
Retro-commissioning for economizers and fresh air dampers
Pneumatic to electric instrument conversion
Compressed air leak detection and repair
No-loss drains (compressed air)
Chiller tune-up
Loading dock door and pit seals
Valve repair – chilled water / hot water
Process exhaust filtration
To receive the rebate, organizations purchase and install the products, then submit product information and proof of purchase online.
For a complete list of eligible products and qualifying industrial sectors, and to learn about other opportunities to save energy, visit
Calgary & Edmonton updates
Representatives of the CIQS Prairies and NWT Chapter participated in the annual “Design and Construction Trends Analysis Committee” held at Calgary Telus Convention Centre on January 25. Event participants from the public and private sector included Alberta Health Services, Alberta Infrastructure, Alberta Roadbuilders, Alberta Transportation, The City of Calgary, The City of Edmonton, Consulting Engineers of Alberta, several contractors and CIQS Prairies & NWT.
The forum panel looked at several issues including the economic outlook for Calgary and Edmonton, procurement and tendering, labour market conditions, supply chain management issues and facilities maintenance.
While the Alberta economy is slowly rebounding from the 2014-2015 energy collapse, economic forces continue to adversely impact the construction procurement process and delivery of projects. Following are selected comments from forum participants:
Traditionally larger contracting firms are targeting smaller projects under $5 million.
Un-prequalified bidders continue to drive down costs below reasonable tender prices.
The movement towards electronic tendering in the public sector procurement will continue.
Currently Calgary has a surplus of 8,000 unoccupied residential condo units.
Labour shortages of good tradesmen persist as some workers have returned to B.C. or Ontario.
Formwork rates are at a 10-year low across the province on all projects types.
Most projects are receiving 10 bidders or more on average, with 12 bidders on some projects.
Owners should choose wisely on bidder selection to avoid the risk associated with the low bid.
Capital investment in the food processing and cannabis industry has been strong.
Prompt payment discussion is also becoming a central theme.
Alberta is now coming to grips with accommodating an aging population.
Infrastructure investment decisions must also focus on longer-term operating costs.
The global trend in contracting towards higher volumes and lower margins is emerging.
Due to tight operating margins, projects are at risk of poor performance and low quality.
Project liens are becoming more problematic with a 200% increase in the past 12 months.
Procurement processes that introduce liquidated damages yield counter-productive results.
Editor’s note: This summary printed with permission by Jerry Crawford, CIQS Prairies & NWT.
The future of the Coliseum became clearer after Council’s Executive Committee Feb. 22 when councillors voted to finalize an agreement with the Oilers Entertainment Group about the permanent closure of the former Edmonton Oilers home arena.
Stantec Tower isn’t the only thing going sky-high in Edmonton’s Ice District. The zooming popularity of condos in the district accounted for new multi-family home sales that more than doubled during the past year.
Council is ready to rewrite rules for new highrises across Edmonton. The city has had some heated discussions over the past couple of years on this topic, but both community groups and developers spoke in favour of the new plan at an urban planning committee meeting in late January.
Edmonton is entering a new phase of urban planning, and public consultation, regarding its infill strategy. The new plan will support Edmonton’s ongoing goal that 25% of new housing should be located in mature areas and transit centres.
Bonnie Doon Mall is getting ready for a serious makeover. In a few years, the modest mall may boast high-density housing, shops and improved connections to the nearby Valley Line LRT.
The City has launched Change for Climate, “a call to all Edmontonians to take action and work together to reduce our city’s greenhouse gas emissions by 35% (below 2005 levels) by 2035.”
Edmonton has made the World’s Best Cities list for the first time, coming in at number 60.
The City has released its year-in-review for Blatchford, with more than 8,000 metres of water mains, storm and sanitary sewers, and distribution piping for the District Energy Sharing System installed and 1,400 metres of curb and gutters constructed.
Six projects reshaping downtown Edmonton (The Globe and Mail, Feb. 17) shows the current energy in the capital city’s heart.
2017 Calgary Municipal Urban Design Awards
Category Winner Architecture Owner
Conceptual / Theoretical Urban Design Fourth Street Underpass Enhancement the marc boutin architectural collaborative inc. City of Calgary
Approved or Adopted Urban Design Plans Civic District Public Realm Strategy the marc boutin architectural collaborative inc. & Arriola & Fiol Arquitectes / Landscape Architect: PFS Studio City of Calgary
Urban Architecture King Edward Arts Hub & Incubator Nyhoff Architecture cSpace Projects
Civic Design Projects C-Square the marc boutin architectural collaborative inc. Scatliff + Miller + Murray Inc. Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC)
Urban Fragments Crossroads Garden Shed 5468796 Architecture CMLC
Community Improvement Projects East Village Junction Nyhoff Architecture CMLC
The Mawson Urban Design Award Conserving Calgary’s Historic Streets The City of Calgary (Parks) City of Calgary
City Edge Development Great Plains Recreation Facility Marshall Tittemore Architects MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects City of Calgary
Great City, Great Design New Central Library Snøhetta DIALOG Design City of Calgary
Housing Innovation GROW Modern Office of Design + Architecture (MoDA) RNDSQR 
People’s Choice - Building Studio Bell/National Music Centre Allied Works Architecture & Kasian Architecture
People’s Choice – Public Space Bowness Park Rehabilitation IBI Group, Lorne Simpson James Reid City of Calgary
Check out the City of Calgary website for more information.
2017 Edmonton Urban Design Awards
The City of Edmonton and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) co-host the Edmonton Urban Design Awards every two years to promote public and private awareness of the role of urban design.
Take a look at the 2017 winners. Want more details? Click here.
Category Winner Architecture Owner
Urban Architecture The Meadows Community Recreation Centre & Library - Excellence Group2 Architecture Interior Design Ltd.
Perkins + Will
City of Edmonton
  Ritchie Market - Excellence Group2 Architecture Interior Design Ltd. GPZ RCA Investments Ltd.
  Peter Lougheed Hall - Merit GEC Architecture University of Alberta
Civic Design Enbridge Centre Public Realm - Merit DIALOG City of Edmonton
Urban Fragments AmiskwacÎw Wâskâyhkan Ihtâwin - Excellence Artist Destiny Swiderski and AJA Louden City of Edmonton
  Tsa Tsa Ke K’E Iron Foot Place - Merit Artist Alex Janvier City of Edmonton
  #YEGcanvas - Merit Artist Various (113) Pattison Outdoor Advertising
Student Projects [tactical] Infrastructure - Excellence Designer Bryce Clayton  
Heritage Projects Enbridge Centre – Excellence DIALOG Pangman Development Corporation
Kelley Ramsey GP Ltd.
People’s Choice Ritchie Market – Excellence Group2 Architecture Interior Design Ltd. GPZ RCA Investments Ltd.
Vivian Manasc receives award
Manasc Isaac’s Vivian Manasc was among eight Albertans who received the Alberta Order of Excellence in late 2017.
Vivian received the prestigious honour for her leadership in bringing LEED to Canada in the 1990s and for co-founding the Alberta Sustainable Building Symposium, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in the fall of 2017. Read more!
In the News
Design for Edmonton's new Africa Centre underway as city chooses lead team – (Edmonton Journal, Feb. 25) – A multimillion-dollar centre to celebrate African cultures is one step closer to completion as city staff prepare to close a deal with the lead design team.
Ottawa extends review of China's proposed Aecon takeover due to security considerations – (The, Feb. 12) – The federal cabinet will consider advice from national security agencies on the planned purchase of the Canadian construction firm. The extension gives the Liberal cabinet another 90 days to consider whether national security considerations should block the proposed takeover.
Haider-Moranis Bulletin: When it comes to tall buildings, there is such a thing as too tall – (Financial Post, Feb. 1) – Canada is no stranger to tall buildings, as residents of all the country’s major cities will attest. Vancouver, for its relatively small population, boasts the highest concentration of tall buildings in North America. To date, though, no habitable building in Canada has broken the 1,000-foot barrier. This is expected to change by 2023, when a 1,005-ft mixed-use building in downtown Toronto, The One, is scheduled to open.
The new normal: Alberta construction, housing industries facing challenges during economic recovery – (Calgary Herald, Jan. 31) – Shifting economic winds are blowing in Alberta, with new economic forecasts detailing which sectors of the construction industry will lose, gain and recruit skilled workers.
Architecture’s future rests in the hands of robots – (The Globe and Mail, Jan. 25) – It's midwinter and I am watching a bunch of houses get built. Yet I'm in my shirtsleeves, warm and dry, because the construction is happening indoors: I'm walking through the shop of Home Technology in suburban Toronto, where wood sections of walls and floors are being assembled by a company of workers and an armada of Swedish robots. The only sounds are the whine of automated saws and the staccato clack of nail guns, aimed precisely at their targets.
Alberta Health Services pares down infrastructure wish-list – (Edmonton Journal, Jan. 12) – Alberta Health Services has decided to pare down its infrastructure demands, handing the province a shorter list that emphasizes a handful of smaller, lower-cost projects.
St. Albert approves 600-acre commercial development – (Western Investor, January) – St. Albert city councillors have approving funding for an area structure plan for the Lakeview Business District, which will be restricted to commercial and industrial real estate. Formerly known as the Employment Lands, the Lakeview Business District encompasses 250 hectares (617 acres) of unserviced land on the west side of the city.
Carillion Canada
Canadian projects adjust as U.K.'s Carillion enters bankruptcy – (Financial Post, Jan. 15) – OTTAWA — The looming bankruptcy of U.K.-based Carillion PLC could force some Canadian joint-venture partners to pick up the financial slack at various major construction projects, but analysts say the overall impact of the liquidation on Canada will be modest.
Carillion's Canadian operations 'continue uninterrupted' amid British parent's liquidation – (The Globe and Mail, Jan. 15) – Carillion Canada says it is assessing the impact of the liquidation of its British parent company, but the Canadian division is operating as normal. Carillion PLC filed for liquidation on Monday after failing to reach a financial restructuring plan with its lenders. The British construction giant had piled up debt totalling £1.5-billion ($2.57-billion) and the liquidation has put 43,000 jobs around the world in jeopardy.
Company's collapse leaves contracts for thousands of kilometres of Alberta highways in question – (Edmonton Journal, Jan. 17) – Alberta Transportation is assembling contingency plans for maintaining nearly half of the province’s highways as bankruptcy looms for the parent company of a major contractor.
Road work backup plans in place: NDP – (Pressreader, Jan. 17) – Alberta Transportation is assembling contingency plans for maintaining nearly half of the province’s highways as bankruptcy looms for the parent company of a major contractor.
Carillion Canada seeks bankruptcy – (The Globe and Mail, Jan. 26) – LONDON – The Canadian division of the troubled British construction giant Carillion PLC has filed for bankruptcy protection in Ontario, putting 7,500 jobs at risk and jeopardizing projects at dozens of hospitals, hotels and airports across the country.

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