Caring about Client Care – The Building Blocks of Excellent Client Relations
CIQS Podcast – Knowledge Counts

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In this episode of Knowledge Counts, the CIQS podcast series, we speak with Karla Mayfield, Vice President of Mayfield Renovations about the vital aspects of client care. Keeping existing clients happy is the key to building your business.

Host: Wendy Hobbs, PQS(F)
Guest: Karla Mayfield
Producer: Ryan Schriml



This episode is eligible for 1 CPD Point

About Our Guest

Karla Mayfield – Vice President of Mayfield Renovations Ltd.

Karla is the current vice president of Mayfield Renovations Ltd., and will become president by the summer of 2018.

She is a graduate of SAIT's Civil Engineering Technology program. In 2004, she began working in the construction industry as a summer laborer at Mayfield. She and her team are passionate about providing creative solutions on how to modify wood frame structures to better reflect the lifestyles of their clients.


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